12 tips of Christmas: Festive safety advice from Lincolnshire firefighters


December is a busy month but Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is urging residents to take time to think about fire safety.

Dan Moss, Group Manager Prevention and Protection said: "Making preparations for Christmas like putting up decorations, cooking and staying away from home, can bring excitement, but also more risk of a fire.

"With a recent study suggesting smoke alarms fail in a third of house fires, if you only do one thing make sure you have a smoke alarm on each floor of your house and that they are working."

Follow Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue on social media to see our fire crews illustrating our fire safety tips during December:

  • make sure you have enough smoke alarms and test them regularly
  • make sure everyone knows your escape plan wherever you are staying
  • close all doors when going to bed
  • turn off unnecessary electrical products before bed
  • make sure plug sockets aren’t overloaded
  • be careful when buying products online – fakes can be dangerous
  • if you need extra heaters, oil filled radiators are best. Keep heaters well away from anything flammable
  • never smoke in bed and make sure cigarettes are put right out
  • do you know a SHERMAN? Look out for vulnerable family and friends
  • keep looking at your cooking
  • don’t block your escape routes
  • don't leave lit candles unattended. Better yet, use LED ones

Get further home safety advice from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.

Published: 9th December 2019